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PHOTO: Meet The Face of Samsung Google Galaxy Nexus Smartphone

While the world is contemplating on just how long the smartphone name can be, there is no doubt that one of biggest draws to Galaxy Nexus smartphone will be the face that represents it.

Famous 27-year old Bosnia-Herzegovinian model Amra Silajd?i? (Silajdzic, pronounced Si-laj-dzi-ch), currently residing in Los Angeles, CA, was chosen to be the model to represent the face of Samsung Google Galaxy Nexus (seriously, can this get any longer), or Nexus Prime, as she calls it.

Miss Amra Silajdzic. Photo by: Kathleen Ty

The video ad, in which Miss Amra is located in a mountain cabin and would be bored if there wasn’t for her smartphone, which she uses for phone conversation and the enjoyment in all the latest and greatest features of Android 4.0 operating system, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich.

All in all, Google and Samsung are growing up and running high-fashion advertisements which should help separate them from the image of techie companies. Sell a phone like you sell a car or an airplane flight to a country far, far and away.

If anyone is interested in the phone after these images, you can see the first promotional video here. The TV ad campaign launches this Friday.