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VIDEO: Battlefield 3 Damavand Peak and Operation Firestorm Unveiled

During the GeForce LAN 6 event last weekend we managed to see and play in two very exciting maps for the upcoming action shooter, Battlefield 3: Damavand Peak and Operation Firestorm.

The game itself has support for massive 64-player battles which promise the deployment of not just team strategy, but an army strategy as well. Without a lot of philosophy, you can enjoy in over 11 minutes of gameplay in the videos show below… all available in 1080p, Full HD resolution courtesy of our Nikon D5100 camera.

Damavand Peak

As you can see for yourself, the map is beyond engaging. It is based on the Mount Damavand, a mountain in Northern Iran.  

Operation Firestorm

Operation Firestorm starts by landing via the parachute and needless to say, it was a popular feature in some of the multiplayer maps in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

The game launches on October 25, 2011. Only five more days of wait remaining…