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NVIDIA GeForceLAN 6 Day 2 Photo Gallery


As promised in our Day 1 Gallery we’re delivering our Day 2 gallery of NVIDIA’s GeForceLAN 6 aboard the USS Hornet Aircraft carrier.

We begin with an overclocker’s breakfast…

Vince "Kingpin" Lucido’s overclocker’s breakfast

Digital Storm’s Three TV racing setup

A child getting a ZOTAC tattoo from a friendly ZOTAC employee

An MSI employee announcing the MSI paper airplane contest

MSI’s paper airplane contest where they gave away a GTX 580 graphics card and later gave a chance for someone to try to win an $1800 laptop.

We continue our Day 2 Gallery with pictures of booth festivities!

Some prizes at Corsair’s booth

An anxious attendee waiting for Corsair’s prize wheel to land on a headset, power supply, or watercooling kit.

More of the MSI paper airplane contest

Cyberpower’s booth and giveaways

Coolermaster’s booth and some of their prizes as well

Some more of Toshiba’s 3D-centric booth

Some more EVGA LN2 overclocking with Vince and Jacob

Some gamers playing the latest build of Battlefield 3 on Maingear’s Shift machines equipped with dual GTX 580s

We finish up our Day 2 Gallery with a few pictures from our tour of the below decks including the engine room and briefing/meeting rooms.

The docent that would take us on our tour

We look forward to bringing you guys our final installment (Day 3) soon.