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OCZ Introduces First Products with Own Developed SSD Controller


Back in March of this year OCZ acquired Indilinx, maker of Barefoot SSD controllers. OCZ then went on to become one of largest SandForce customers, while Indilinx developed next-gen controller, which was revealed to the world in July 2011.

Bearing the fruits of the new in-house "Indilinx Everest SATA 3.0 SSD Platform" controller, the company introduced Octane, worlds first SSD with up to 1TB capacity in a small 2.5" form factor. The controller itself is based on dual-core ARM Cortex processors, and supports up to 512MB DRAM cache. The important performance factor is the native octal-channel, meaning this is an 8-channel controller. This brought in read speeds of 560MB/s and write speeds of 400MB/s. By looking at the specifications, one might thought the write speeds are low if there wasn’t for a different performance target – according to OCZ, the company did not target Peak transfer, but rather Sustained Data transfer, meaning this product should achieve excellent sustained transfer speed across the drive.

OCZ Octane is the first 2.5" drive on the market with 1TB capacity
OCZ Octane is the first 2.5" drive on the market with 1TB capacity, equaling the highest capacity of the conventional hard drives.

Octane is available in two series: SATA 3.0 (6Gbps) and 2.0 (3Gbps), with capacity ranging from 128GB to 1TB. Bear in mind that the 1TB drive is the first one with Triple-Level Cell NAND Flash, which was the exclusive controller feature we reported about in April.

This announcement carries several orders of magnitude, since the biggest 2.5" conventional hard disk drive carries the same capacity at 7200rpm, while the enterprise-grade 10,000 rpm drives are not available in higher capacity than 900GB.

The drives support all contemporary features: industry standard SMART, TRIM with Background Garbage Collection (GC), as well as NProtect, set of algorithms that check the cell life level and make sure you have extended durability of the drive in question. The company did not announce how much NAND chips "extra" are installed on the drive, as the company did not resort to "put 256GB capacity, reserve 16GB for dead cells and sell it as 240GB drive" approach used on SandForce-powered drives, for instance the Vertex 3.

Octane drives are available on worldwide market starting November 1, 2011.