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NVIDIA GeForceLAN 6 Final Day Photo Gallery


Today we wrap up our coverage of GeForceLAN 6 aboard the USS Hornet with our final photo gallery of the tail end of the 2nd day as well as the 3rd day’s festivities.

The guys from Yogscast taking pictures with fans. We were sitting but only a few seats away from them and had a good time chatting about games.

A tired volunteer sleeping at his keyboard

EVGA showing off their upcoming X79 Classified motherboard yet again but this time with the water cooling as well.

The $10,000 Falcon NorthWest system that was to be given away at the end of the LAN. Notice the two ASUS MARS II graphics cards along with the 48GB of RAM and Core i7 2600K.

Johan Andersson, Chief Rendering Architect at DICE after his speech on GeForceLAN 6’s second day.

All of the bunks where all of the LAN Campers stayed. LAN camp was effectively a boot camp but for LAN partiers and they also got to sleep overnight on the ship.

Some of the older respirators used on the ship, clearly not made in the last few decades

More bunks of LAN campers. There were some co-ed bunks as well as some men only and women only areas as well.

We continue our gallery with a small gallery of some of the case mods and interesting rigs we ran into at GeForceLAN 6.

Here is the Tron rig which was modded to look like a tron bike and ended up winning CPU Magazine’s case mod contest for the LAN.

Here is some guys hodgepodge system, we decided to give him recognition purely on the amount of stuff he fit in there as there are 3 radiators, 3 graphics cards, and 4 HDDs all somehow fit with watercooling into one case.

This was by far the most interesting case mod of them all and probably gained the most attention as well. We decided to stop and talk with the guy and talk a little about the case mod as none of us had seen anything like it before. Upon discussing it with him more we discovered that the design actually has enough slack to enable him to stack the milk crates on top of each other or side by side depending on the usage scenario which we thought was pretty neat.

Some more interesting cases…

Someone stocking up with lunchables. Didn’t know they were a LAN snack.

View from the USS Hornet of San Francisco Bay

Night shot of the USS Hornet’s Tower

Yet another shot of EVGA’s X79 Classified motherboard

All of the banners of the sponsors of the event to hide all of the prizes about to be given away

Some of those prizes

NVIDIA’s models posing with Kingpincooling’s Tek-9 LN2 block. We’ll leave any mentions of hottness and LN2 to you guys…

Gamers of all ages getting in some Battlefield 3 time during the Open Play hours.

And the final prizes being given away…

That wraps up our coverage of NVIDIA’s GeForceLAN 6 aboard the USS Hornet and we really hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.