Amazon Reels in Customers with Trade-in Offers

Amazon has gone the way of auto dealerships. They offer trade-ins on older models. Their Trade-In Store will accept old cameras, video games, books, movies, and now, their own Amazon Kindle.

When trading in, Amazon has you hooked to buy something else with their gift card. The price of that something else usually costs more than the gift card you?ve received. What you trade in goes to a third party merchant. Amazon then profits when that merchant sells again through Amazon without Amazon having the hassle of handling used merchandise. To sell through Amazon, merchants are charged a flat fee, plus a referral fee that is a percent of the sale (from 6 to 15 percent) plus a closing fee calculated by flat-rate of $.80 to $1.35 or by-weight ( $.05 or $.10 per pound).

Nathan Fillion stars as Castle ? Stana Katic as Lt. Beckett. You can trade them in on Amazon
Nathan Fillion stars as Castle ? Stana Katic as Lt. Beckett. You can trade them in on Amazon

Amazon?s trade in process is in its beta phase per their website, but several selections are already available. If you?ve seen enough of Pandora and Jake Sully, you can trade in your Blu-ray copy of Avatar for $9.50. The third season of the TV series, Castle, the murder mystery writer turned police consultant, trades for $17.75 and sells used for only 15 cents more. What? That used price is a little more than half the new price of $30.99. A consumer, obviously, needs to do some math before selling or buying.

Panasonic LX3 can be traded in at AmazonWith Halloween coming, you might want to start a new tradition and trade in that worn out It?s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown DVD for a meager $3.75 and get something a bit more edgy.

Camera buffs can get a pretty sweet return on their Panasonic DMC-LX3, 10.1MP digital camera with 24mm wide angle lens. New, Amazon is still selling it for $399.99. They warn, however, that there is an updated model, the LX5. That warning is worth heeding. The LX5 is selling for $42 less than a new older model. Now what kind of sense does that make for someone in the market for a good camera? I?d seriously consider trading in the older model and getting $115 that I could put toward the newer LX5. A better deal might be a refurbished LX3 that meets factory specs and carries a 90 day manufacturer?s warranty for $299, less than the new price of either the LX3 or LX5.

Hello KittyFor those into video games, action and kid themes are popular. In fact, from a pricing standpoint, Hello Kitty Party, Nintendo, new at $18.71 with the cutesy cartoon kitten trading at $5.65 beats Medal of Honor, Heroes 2, Sony PSP, new at $19.40 with Lt John Berg trading at $1.55. Kids in Germany are relegated to Hello Kitty regardless of price, since Medal Of Honor was given a USK (Self Monitoring of Entertainment Software) rating of "No one under 18".

If you have a four year old original Kindle (now called the Kindle Keyboard) or a later model, you can trade most of them in for a gift card at Amazon. A Kindle DX trade in will garner you a gift card up to $133.50 in value. You can search for Kindle trade ins at the Amazon Trade In Store.

Other electronic devices also have trade-in potential. Common brand names are easy to find. You?ll see Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry Playbook, Acer, Asus, and Viewsonic to name a few. Trade ins can be pretty good, such as Motorola Zoom Android tablet ? $253.00; Toshiba Thrive 10.1 inch Android Tablet ? $166.75; or Apple iPod Touch ? $155.25. Others can be as low as the Kobo eBook Reader ? $10. Kobo offers over a million free books, so you might want to hang on it your eReader, or at least upgrade to a fancier model. The not-so-free books, such as Steve Jobs by Isaacson can be had on their Vox eReader for the same price as the Kindle version.

Want an HTC Evo Shift 4G? Before you go to Sprint store, check out Amazon Trade In store...Several phones are tradable. You need to be very specific about which model you want to off load.

For example the HTC EVO 4G Android Phone (Sprint) with its 8-MP, 4.3 inch screen camera returns $68, whereas the HTC EVO Shift 4G Android Phone (Sprint) with 5-MP camera, 3.6 inch screen, and a QWERTY keyboard is hardly worth sending it in for the promised $1.00 trade in.

If you are interested in playing the trade-in game, Amazon has a video explaining how. The game has several rules.

Your product must match exactly the one on the trade in list and be in decent condition. If yours isn?t listed, they claim to be adding more products each day, so check back.