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Processor Shipments up 6.7%, Intel Increases Market Share


IDC reported third quarter 2011 shipment figures for global PC processor market which continues its expansion – up 6.7% from second quarter and 5.2% since last year.

Overall, processor revenue rose to 10.7 billion dollars, 12.2% higher compared to second quarter and 16.1% up from third quarter of last year. The revenue rose due to a rise in average selling price thanks to the arrival of bundled processors with graphics inside – most notably Intel’s Sandy Bridge and AMD’s Fusion architecture.

Intel is the main winner, though. The company lost ground in mobile segment, thanks to pressure of AMD Fusion E-Series and the rise of ARM-powered tablets (Atom processor declined by massive 32%, as we reported here). However, Intel made a killing in desktop and server space.

Intel now occupies 80.2% of worldwide PC market, capturing 75.8% of desktop and massive 95.1% of the server market, with AMD dropping below five percent share for the first time since 2004.

Pressured on desktop and server side, AMD’s overall processor share slipped to 19.7%, dropping from 20.4% in the second quarter 2011. Overall, AMD captures 4.9% of server, 21.4% desktop and 19.7% of mobile market. The only remaining player, VIA Technologies – managed to capture just 0.1% of the worldwide market.

With the arrival of ARM-powered products, we expect to see these reports including ARM-based manufacturers such as Qualcomm, NVIDIA and Texas Instruments.