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Nokia Windows Phone Hits the Top of Preorder Charts in France


With the announcement of Nokia’s first Windows phones, the Lumia 710 and 800 – something happened that hasn’t happened in Windows Phone ecosystem: a Windows-powered phone topped the preorder chart.

According to French PhoneHouse e-store, Lumia 800 is a pre-order sales hit, hitting the number one spot on the site. While this device is little more than an N9 phone minus the worldphone (pentaband), NFC, front facing camera and MeeGo –  there is no doubt that this phone is a sales hit in the making.

Truth to be told, looks to be heavily promoting the Lumia 800 – but the phone is going for 99 EUR with and 499 EUR without contract, which for instance is much more than 1 EUR you need to pay if you want the Samsung Galaxy S II i9100, one of Top 3 phones in the market.

Market wants smaller screen sizes than the humongous 4-inch-plus LCDs, and combining the 3.7" AMOLED screen of phenomenal quality with an attractive metal case (take a look at all the Android smartphones – metal cases occupy a tiny fraction).

Lumia 800 is not a smartphone leader by any accord, but it probably represents a good start in the right direction. Phone arrives in stores on November 16.