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Bright Side Network Inc. Introduces BSN* Android App


Here at Bright Side of News*, we recognized that mobile is a force that simply cannot be stopped and we’ve been working in the background to develop mobile applications that enable you, our readers, to easily view our articles and news while on the go. Given that Symbian (still) holds the largest piece of the mobile operating system market, our first mobile app was made available on Nokia’s Ovi Store for all Symbian devices.

Because we understand that people want simplicity and stability, we’ve decided to introduce our second mobile app for smartphones: Bright Side of News* app for Android. It currently supports self updating of content every few hours in order to keep you updated without actually draining your battery.

It will give you a nice little notification (in the phone status bar, where available) on your phone when a new article or articles are available on the site and gives you a preview of the article. You can always disable automatic syncing if you’d like but considering how little battery it uses, it is really a nice feature to have.

Another feature also allows you to share stories on your phone with your social networks by simply hitting the menu button and share so that you can share your excitement about a certain story.


We are always working to find ways to make our site better which include developing mobile apps in order for you, our readers, to better read our articles while on the go. We welcome you to download our new Android application on the Android Market here. Please feel free to leave us any feedback and rate the app as well!

As we continue to evaluate future platforms we are conducting a poll to further determine which platforms should be developed for in the future. We currently have a Facebook Poll going on which you can participate in for us to more accurately know what our readership would like to see from us in terms of mobile apps. As always, feel free to leave us feedback here or there so that we can best serve you!