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Sting Offers an iPad Appumentary of His Career


A teacher from north-east England turned bass player acquired the moniker Sting because of his yellow and black striped sweater. His popularity has spanned decades and can be had on an iPad app. The app includes an overview of the artist?s entire solo career in what the producer calls an appumentary.

Sting with GuitarSting 25, the app representing 25 years of his career, combines music, footage of concerts, pictures and videos. It?s free – a sort of puppy dog sale to acquaint and reacquaint people with the 60 year old rocker who is still going strong. Sting’s recent performance at New York?s Beacon Theatre is featured with duets combining him and Stevie Wonder and Lady Gaga. The product is being released by Sting and of New York.

A sliding time line lets the user pick photos and videos from specific events in the performer?s career. The app recognizes which songs the user already has on their iPad from Sting’s solo albums. The user can then preview and purchase other tracks on the albums from iTunes. Each category of "influences" includes images and an audio commentary from Sting himself.

Sting and his first highly successful musical grouping, The Police, separated in 1984 long before many BSN* readers were born, but re-emerged in 2007. Sting has performed live shows and been on tour in over 27 countries, in far flung venues such as Dubai, Tokyo, Venezuela, and Colombia. Because of concern for South American ecology, he and Trudie Styler established a charity, The Rainforest Foundation, aimed at protecting both the environment and indigenous peoples.

The fund is mainly sustained by benefit concerts. The affect of the loss of forest is well represented in this child’s poem. Sting has received recognition for his humanitarian efforts in several areas, including Live Aid and a Tsunami Benefit Concert.

Toucans are also on the list of endangered species which The Rainforest Foundation is trying to preserve
Toucans are among animals that are losing their rainforest habitat

Sting’s talents and interests abound. Declaring himself "not a trained singer for this repertoire – pop songs from the 1600’s" his recording Songs from the Labyrinth topped Billboard as the best selling classical album. He received a Grammy for Best Rock Song, The Soul Cages in 1991. Sting has even starred on the Broadway stage. A song writer as well as a musician/singer, Sting has penned and performed multiple hits. He is betting Sting 25 his free iPad app will also be a hit and, hopefully, spur music sales down the line.

Sting?s upcoming tours
for November and December are scheduled for Houston, Denver, Phoenix, Seattle, San Francisco, and Vancouver and other North American cities.