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Microsoft to Scale Windows 8 Down to Smartphone Level


At the Annual Shareholder’s meeting, Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft went in his typical emotional form and stated that the company will scale down Windows 8 to smartphone level.

Given that Microsoft always touted that their goal is to bring a single operating system for all supported platforms, we were expecting smartphone announcement for quite some time now. Originally, Microsoft planned Windows 8 to use the minimal operating resolution of 1280×720, which is the resolution of several upcoming smartphones, but with that restriction being relaxed, there is no reason why you could not run the Metro UI on a smartphone, for example.

Not on the 800×480 pixel resolution ones, but 960×540 might be doable. In any case, 2012 will see the arrival of Windows 8 on a lot of devices, ranging from cash machines and automation tools (Windows 8 Embedded) to smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktops, followed by Windows 8-based operating system for servers.

You can listen to the audio below, watch for statement coming from the 18th second onwards: