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HTC Speaks Out on Carrier IQ Rootkit Scandal

The Carrier IQ scandal is starting to build its critical mass, and one of the companies which is named in the scandal is Taiwanese HTC. We contacted the company and got a straight answer.

"Carrier IQ is required on devices by a number of U.S carriers so if consumers or media have any questions about the practices relating to, or data collected by, Carrier IQ we?d advise them to contact their carrier.It is important to note that HTC is not a customer or partner of Carrier IQ and does not receive data from the application, the company, or carriers that partner with Carrier IQ. HTC is investigating the option to allow consumers to opt-out of data collection by the Carrier IQ application."

If you thought that having Apple’s iOS or some alternative smart device means you’re safe – think again. The latest information breaking out just now is the information that Carrier IQ rootkit might started its life on the iOS and BlackBerry platforms.

We know these are smartphones, but the question is just how smart you want to let them be?