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Verizon Wireless Denies Any Involvement in Carrier IQ Rootkit Scandal


Following the Carrier IQ rootkit scandal that broke out yesterday, we contacted PR managers from companies involved in the story. First reply received came from HTC Corporation, which denied its direct involvement, stating that the telecoms are those in charge of any additional software beyond the OS.

Furthermore, we have received the latest reply from an official PR representative of Verizon Wireless:

"I have personally looked into this and I can tell you that the reports we have seen about Verizon using

Carrier IQ are false. Carrier IQ is not on Verizon Wireless phones.

Safeguarding customer privacy is a high priority for Verizon Wireless, and we work with our vendors to ensure they have privacy protections in place. We did recently notify customers about new privacy programs; we were transparent about how customer information will be used and gave clear choices to customers about whether they want to participate in these programs. ( Carrier IQ is not involved in these


All in all, this situation is slowly building towards critical mass and it will be interesting to see how T-Mobile USA and Sprint can get out of this quite messy situation.