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VIDEO: Funcom Shows Off the Secret World

Scandinavian game developer Funcom Productions A/S showed off their latest trailer for their upcoming MMORPG, The Secret World. In this trailer, the game developer is showcasing Scorched Desert part of the game.

From the trailer, the game looks quite impressive but it is still too early to tell if Funcom will once more apply their strong self-censorship that almost killed Age of Conan.

If you recall, Age of Conan was vastly advertised as a "Mature" or an "R-Rated" game, with game art being featured in adult magazines such as Playboy, promising to recreate the bestial world of barbarians. Instead, we got a censored game with the slavery, nudity, prostitution and all other elements being thrown out of the game. Remember, the game received the "R" rating and was even banned from some markets based on those features.
If the game was plain vanilla as it turned out to be, Age of Conan would never receive such restrictions.

With the old producer fired and the new freemium model, the game is getting back on track, though.

Can Funcom ignite the world with The Secret World? With EA being signed as a co-publisher, there is potential in this title. The Secret World debuts in 2012.