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AMD Lays off Nigel Dessau, Chief Marketing Officer?


There is no doubt about it, the new CEO of AMD, ex-Lenovo ace Mr. Rory P. Read is continuing to make changes to the executive team. A little bird told us that his latest action was the departure of Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Nigel Dessau. The memo was released to company employees and it is only matter of time before this news are made public.

Nigel Dessau, AMD Chief Marketing Officer... or a former oneThe birdies could be wrong, but given the previous accuracy – we’re just appealed to give a benefit of the doubt.

Nigel joined the company in March 2008, moving from his roles of Chief Marketing Officer at StorageTek, Sun Microsystems and IBM. He replaced ingenious Henri Richard, the creator of sales and marketing strategy that brought AMD to the limelight for the first time in company’s history.

Nigel got a short straw, fighting with Intel with let’s just say not exactly the shiniest lineup. However, a lot of current and former insides thought AMD is not doing enough in the marketing department, and that the company is not doing enough to advertise themselves as a chip maker and solutions provider, much in the same way as Intel and NVIDIA do.

However, it is now obvious that Rory P. Read, new AMD CEO is performing a cleanup of the company – firstly, the company moved out 12% of the total workforce, including firing almost the complete marketing department.

It is only later that we are hearing the mistakes done by the department, such as a massive overestimation regarding the number of transistors used in creation of Bulldozer processor? by a large number. We’re not talking about missing a decimal or two, we’re talking about 40% of the transistor size: in reality, Zambezi core has 1.2 instead of previously announced 2.0 billion transistors. The die size naturally, did not change.

Moving forward, it is obvious that the AMD’s Board of Directors feels there is a need a new management and the broom isn’t stopping anywhere. We wish Nigel all the best in his future endeavours.