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Bethesda vs. Interplay: New Fallout MMORPG Picture Emerges


The court case between Interplay and Bethesda started and the situation is heating to the point of boiling, even in the first day. For starters, Project V13 (Fallout Online) just got a new screenshot.

Developer Masthead Studios posted a new artwork image on the project website, which you can see below:

New Fallout Online i.e. Project Van Buren or simply V13
New Fallout Online i.e. Project V13 artwork

The future of Fallout franchise is currently in the state of limbo, since the court will decide whom the franchise belongs to. The question remains, is the  Fallout MMORPG coming to live in peace with the singleplayer titles developed by Bethesda, or that Bethesda loses the rights to franchise over the bad faith contract.

Third option is that the both companies settle.