EXCLUSIVE: Get a MAINGEAR EPIC 180 Limited Edition Case


Two years ago, in November 2009 Maingear Computers decided to re-launch the company and move away from being a system assembler, becoming a system designer. The first product, the SHIFT case was born in cooperation with SilverStone. SilverStone later went and manufactured the Raven RV01 chassis, which was in essence a SHIFT case with el cheapo plastic panes, while Maingear kept exclusivity with the high-end aluminum and carbon fiber panels.

Followed by new chassis, which rotated the motherboard by 90 degrees and significantly reduced the temperature of critically heating components such as the dual-GPU graphics cards, or simple multiple graphics cards that had no room to breathe (3-Way SLI in a conventional case is a pain…). Maingear expanded the chassis by launching Epic-180 liquid cooling systems, created in conjunction with CoolIT Systems.

However, all of this technology was exclusively limited to buyers of Maingear rigs. Until now. For a very limited period of time, guys from Maingear Computers decided to teamed up with us, the Bright Side of News* team and colleagues from TweakTown and offer 99 cases, a limited edition SHIFT DIY.

Available for limited time only - 99 units of Maingear SHIFT Limited Edition are now available for sale

This limited edition SHIFT case comes with EPIC-180 liquid cooling heatsink, alongside with complete number of options that are usually available only to buyers of the complete Maingear systems. If you’re an audiophile, you’ll love the fact that the audio onboard is enhanced with APHEX, Maingear’s in-house Audio Engine, compatible with practically all the motherboards and discrete sound cards on the market.

The price of this limited offer starts at $899, and you can easily reach stratospheric figures. If you want to have genuine Carbon Fiber panels instead of the aluminum ones, the price will go up by massive $1,200, but you’re not getting a "realistic carbon-fiber sticker". If you switch all the options on, the price will easily reach $3,000.

But what you wanted – in your numerous emails to us and to the Maingear team – now you can have. One of only 99 Maingear SHIFT cases available on free market.