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Qualcomm Re-Names Qualcomm Stadium to Snapdragon Stadium

In a smart marketing move, Qualcomm has temporarily re-named Qualcomm Stadium, Home of the San Diego Chargers, to Snapdragon Stadium. This was done primarily because of the ingenuity of Qualcomm’s marketing team and the fact that they recognized that there would be three bowl games played in Qualcomm Stadium in a 10 day span and it would be fiscally more responsible to do something like temporarily re-naming the stadium than running advertisements on TV.

Welcome to Snapdragon Stadium

While the details weren’t made publicly known, Qualcomm did actually save themselves some money in this transaction because running a 30 second advertisement during an NFL football game runs in excess of $500,000 in a large market. Considering that fact, Qualcomm was able to snag themselves three football games starting with the Chargers game on Sunday and continuing for 10 more days and including a two major bowl games, the Poinsettia Bowl and Holiday Bowl.

Qualcomm Executives, the San Diego Mayor

At the event, Qualcomm CEO Paul E. Jacobs spoke about the unique opportunity that Qualcomm has with the already existing naming of the stadium as well as the role they play in the local community. This was underscored by San Diego City Mayor Jerry Sanders when he declared today in San Diego Snapdragon Day. Admittedly a little hilarious considering how many days are officially branded something by the Mayor but nonetheless notable.

The Spanos family, who own the San Diego Chargers, also spoke at the unveiling and talked a little bit about the unique renaming situation without actually changing any naming rights. Bruce Binkowski of the San Diego Bowl Game Association also delivered a speech detailing their excitement with the renaming and their happiness to work with Qualcomm and the City of San Diego.

Overall, this is an interesting announcement regarding Qualcomm and the home of the San Diego Chargers which has carried the Qualcomm Stadium name which was renamed as such in 1997 when Qualcomm purchased the naming rights. We must tip off our hats to Qualcomm for the announcement as well as the unique marketing opportunity and giving us these sweet Snapdragon S4 prototype chips.