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Steve Ballmer in Qualcomm HQ: "Windows 8 Tablet Batteries Sucking Balls"?

As the legendary YouTube video compilation shows below, Microsoft’s CEO is by no means, a peaceful executive. Steve Ballmer can be described in many ways, but his main trademark is the open mouth approach and the statements from Steve are well… often bleeped in mainstream media.

According to the source for this story which had to be bribed with the bottle of Jose Cuervo, Steve Ballmer recently visited Qualcomm to discuss the partnership and give updates how Microsoft is proceeding towards the master strategy of "single OS for everybody".

Microsoft’s CEO constantly carried his Snapdragon-powered Windows 8 tablet and his short fuse allegedly detonated with a statement that "the battery sucks balls." Steve "already charged it five times that day and it is only 4PM in the afternoon," causing an interesting reaction from the gathered members of Qualcomm team which shall remain anonymous.

Should this whisper from Qualcomm’s cubicles spread further, there is a lot of work ahead for both Qualcomm and Microsoft. At time of writing, we have no information what were the specifications of that prototype tablet.
Regardless of the specs, as it allegedly stands right now, Windows 8 Tablet powered by Qualcomm currently have "battery that sucks balls."