Fingerring i.e. txtRng: What Will They Think of Next?


The txtRng;) is one of those mood ring ideas that just might catch on. If your nickname is Fumble Thumbs, this could be just the thing for you.

The silicon circle with a protruding knob fits on your thumb or forefinger to facilitate drawing, gaming, or texting. The txtRng;) supposedly prevents you from hitting the wrong key, or drawing too thick a line. The designer had in mind devices and touch screens such as the iPad, iPhone, iPod, iPod nano, Android, and Nintendo 3DS.

Pick the size for your txtRng;)
Pick the size for your txtRng;)

The txtRng;) in real lifeYou can order your txtRng;) in small, medium, or large, in black, black, or black. Not sure of your size? Print the PDF measuring chart and compare your digits to the images. This gadget will set you back $29.99, plus tax and shipping, but you do get a set of two ? one for each thumb.

Honestly, this writer thought the product offering was a scam with a fake PayPal logo for ordering. A little research discovered that the inventor was Marni Peters a Gastonia, NC mother who had previously used a well manicured fingernail to etch out messages on her tiny Blackberry keys. Now she wears the techie fashion, silicon jewelry like a Power Balance bracelet which she slips onto her pinky finger when not texting.

You can catch the video here and actually try on a txtRng;) at CES 2012 in the Bellini Ballroom Booth # 73208.