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Ericsson Seeks Application Developers for Competition

You could win ?15,000 and exposure to the telecom world by writing an App for the Networked Society, the theme of Ericsson?s 2012 Application Awards contest. Cash awards and phones are also given for second and third place winners.

The competition has a broad focus – mobility, broadband, the cloud, applications and services, as Ericsson puts it, for an empowered society. Teams are allowed in the contest to to bring these concepts together. Winning team members will share the prize money equally.

You better get crackin? if you want to enter. Stage 1 and Stage 2 competitions are already completed, but beginners can start now. Last date for submissions is February 28, 2012. Even though the sponsoring company is headquartered in Stockholm Sweden, registrations must be in English. Other requirements are:

  1. A fully functioning application, executable code (apk).
  2. A video which demonstrates your application. Maximum length, 3 minutes, maximum size 40MB; accepted formats: AVI, QT, WMV or H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4.
  3. A text document that explains some key points about your submission, see template (.txt file) 

You must use one of the Ericsson Labs API in the competition
You must use one of the Ericsson Labs API (Application Programming Interface) in the competition

Your application must be based on at least one Ericsson Labs API such as Group Voice Mixer to add group voice to your mobile chat service. With it, you can create an ad-hoc voice chat room or conference using a Java ME client. Another API from Ericsson is the Mobile Web Security Bootstrap to establish shared secret keys between an application server and a mobile web client. These are only examples, you will choose which API works for your idea.

Ericsson is looking for a working application prototype that is an innovative solution to your posed problem that has business potential. You can contact the company at ericsson.application.awards(at) or through their Forum.