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Storage Visions 2012: OCZ Teams up With Marvell, Debuts 12TB SSD


For the first day of the official CES pre-show storage conference Storage Visions, OCZ Technology and Marvell announced the 5th generation Z-Drive R5 featuring the  ?Kilimanjaro? PCI Expres-based SSD platform.

The platform is featuring the third generation of the well known Virtualized Controller Architecture (VCA 3.0) combining Marvell?s 88NV9145 controller with the latest gen MLC NAND Flash memory in capacities up to 12TB.
The product is compatible with Linux, Windows Server 2008 and VMware ESX and ESXi.

Packing 12TB of capacity on a single-slot product is quite an impressive achievement and the product comes at a price tag that pitches it right where the smaller companies are selling dedicated 1U SSD boxes and SAN?s (Storage Area Network), while keeping it well below overpriced solutions such as the Fusion-IO.