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Is Intel Spreading FUD Around ARM-based Windows 8 on CES 2012?

On CES 2012, Intel is coming out in full force with the various mobile platforms and the company is planning to showcase Windows 8 on the systems running on shiny products based on Medfield and Ivy Bridge silicon. However, what would show without a little bit of controversy?

In a developing story which we heard rumored about during the last night?s CES Unveiled event, there is a full-blown PR war deploying the finest IBM-style FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) plays between Intel and ARM vendors.
According to a story that we heard earlier, which broke on EETimes earlier this morning, Microsoft has categorically forbidden ARM vendors to show working demos of their own devices running the WoA (Windows on ARM) i.e. tablets and clamshell notebooks with Windows 8.

So from one side, we have Intel freely demonstrating Windows 8 on their hardware, while ARM vendors are banned from showing their own goods running the ARM version of Windows 8. Is this true or just another PR attack, similar to one that a certain Intel VP came out last year. Either the story is true, or Intel is really afraid of ARM. After all, the company recently admitted they?re worried more about the threat called Qualcomm than AMD, which represents a historical shift.

Remember just one thing though – after Intel failed miserably at creating their own graphics IP codenamed Larrabee, Intel?s mobile platform utilizes PowerVR graphics from Imagination Technologies, the same generation of graphics products which is used by Apple?s A5 SoC and various designs from Freescale, Marvell, SONY, STMicro Texas Instruments and many, many others.

On the other hand, Qualcomm utilizes ATI Mobility Radeon technology which the company acquired from AMD (Adreno is an anagram for Radeon), while NVIDIA is utilizing GeForce 6/7 (NV40) class graphics (cores are similar to PlayStation 3 design) on their Tegra 2 and 3 chips.

Is this story true? As we have meetings set in place where we are supposed to experience Windows 8 on ARM platform for the second time, following Microsoft?s own DEMO event last September – we?ll report as the situation develops.