Jammin? Sounds, Caring Hearts, and Sustainability – House of Marley Has It All


The House of Marley is the legacy of Reggae artist Bob Marley. His children have grown his music and his love into a thriving audio products business with heart. They came full force into CES Unveiled tonight.

Some of the information in this article was gleaned from their USB press kit made of bamboo, an example of their dedication to being earth friendly. All their products as well packaging are made from recycled or recyclable materials.

Chey of House of Marley demos Block Party docking station
Chey of House of Marley demos Block Party docking station

I was drawn to the booth by the rhythm of Marley?s Could You Be Loved booming from their latest offering – Block Party docking station. Everyone surrounding Chey pictured above couldn?t help but feel the beat. Reggae stirs the blood as did Marley?s belief in equality and unity. That belief is exemplified in the charitable foundation, 1Love [that?s One Love] that supports helping young people, protecting the planet and promoting peace. A portion of each sale benefits the global movement that funds charities and causes which help our world and its children.

House of Marley Block party docking station

Block Party sports two 3.5 high output woofers

This portable audio system comes from their Jammin? collection. Block Party is a two-channel, all-in-one, portable audio system with Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Terrific sounds come from two 3.5" high-output woofers and two 1" tweeters. You can plug it into your family room outlet or carry it with you running on battery power as we saw it function at CES. With a universal power supply (100-240 VAC) and built in rechargeable battery you?ll get 20 watts total power (10 watts x 2 channels). The quality of the sounds emanating from that powerful bass knocked the socks off the passing press corp. Expect to pay $349.

House of Marley booth at CES Unveiled shows Destiny line of products
House of Marley booth at CES Unveiled

One Foundation from their Destiny line was shown in their booth with other audio accessories. This audio system features an iDevice dock, integrated Apple Air Play, two 5.25" high-output woofers, two 1" horn-loaded tweeters, stereo RCA/phono and 3.5mm auxiliary inputs. If you find yourself dancin? to the music, you can control it with the included remote. They claim 200 plus watts total power.

Although this writer did not hear the One Foundation demonstrated, I don?t doubt it delivers quality sound after hearing what the new Block Party system does. Expect to pay retail $599.99 (Remember some of your money goes to charity.)

House of Marley protective cover for the Apple iPad 2 tablet PC deviceCould You Be Loved is also one of the images promoted on iDevice protective cases from the House of Marley, which are, again, made from 100% recycled materials.

Marley is keeping up with Apple by providing protection for your iPhone4S, iPad2, and iPod Touch, and 4th generation iPad. Prices range $19.99 to $29.99.

The House of Marley is filled with interesting people. Rohan Marley was groovin? for the crowd, looking not unlike his famous father.

Chey said he was so impressed with the company two years ago at CES that he bugged them to be included in their corporate family. He finally succeeded in being hired on about seven months ago. He certainly proudly showed off the Block Party, however saying he wasn?t a musician. He actually has a technology background and believes in the products and in the family?s philosophy.