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Storage Visions 2012: Is Apple About to Lose Turner Studios?

During the first keynote session at Storage Visions 2012 conference which is taking place in Riviera Hotel and Casino, speaker Ken Brady, VP of Systems Technology and Digital Media at Turner Studios disclosed intricate details of the company?s workflow.

Ken Brady explains that Turner Studios considers digital content as "the flood"

Turner Studios is one of largest broadcasting houses in the world, covering numerous sports, movies, TV shows, news and other media. The company manages daily productions of TNT, TBS, The Cartoon Network, Turner Classic Movies and Turner Sports ? which includes producing, post-production and broadcast of sports such as the NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA sports, NASCAR and numerous others.

As such, the company has responsibility to every aspect of digital media handing and in order to cope with the demands, a very interesting setup containing always live and off-line system caught our attention.

Ken discussing the details of their dual 1.6PB storage system used to broadcast content to Turners TV stations and clients

However, probably the biggest statement of the whole event was a clear warning to Apple, who is raising a lot of controversy by oversimplifying the Final Cut Pro and turning it into an iMovie Pro, rather than a serious tool for broadcasters. With the next wave of computer upgrades, Mac Pro and iMac machines just might find themselves ending in the ?bin of obsolete technology?, as Intel?s CEO likes to put it ? and company of this size might start its conversion to the PC platform, for example.

As such, the biggest winner might be either Adobe with their Creative Suite or Blackmagic with the DaVinci software.