There Are Only Two Rules of CES…

As we were walking back from the press room at the Las Vegas Convention Center, one of the official informational banners put up by the CEA (consumer electronics association) caught our eye.

The above image indicates that two things are not permitted while at the International Consumer Electronics Show, these two things are, well, interesting. The first one indicates that smoking is not allowed while inside the LVCC. The second, though, is really what caught our attention. It appears to be a graphic of a gentleman hitting a small child in a stroller in the head with his briefcase. While we’re not quite sure what prompted such a graphic (that we didn’t even know existed, or needed to exist), its safe to say that it is pretty amusing. We don’t know how many children are actually in danger of being smacked by briefcases, but it seems odd that the CEA found it necessary to bring to people’s attention.

As CES begins to kick off, we’ll continue to keep you update on both the quirks of CES as well as the latest and greatest tech trends and products that we find.