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Sharp CES 2012 Press Conference and News

Sharp started off the press conference by exhibiting the company?s leadership in televisions and the overall display business. Although Sharp has not been in the television business for the company?s entire existence they have been in existence as a company for 100 years. The company has gone through many firsts as their CEO explained, including the first mechanical pencil and first camera phone, among many other firsts.

Sharp then went on to detail the company?s leadership in the display market and the innovations that they have been able to implement in their displays. These include things like their Quattron displays as well as their 3D displays. Sharp is now happy to exclaim that they are now going to have 3D Quattron televisions in their larger format sizes. Sharp also announced that they would be coming out with a second 80? tv model which they mounted on top of a Smart car.

They then proceeded to show two more new large format displays including a new 70? (left) and 60? (right) televisions as well. These will accompany Sharps already existing 60, 70 and 80? offerings. Sharp explained that they were able to accomplish these new milestones and sizes through the new completion of their brand new 10th generation display fabrication facility. This facility will include all of the vertical integration techniques which Sharp is known for including having a Corning glass factory on site as well. This enables Sharp to closely control the quality and speed of production which enables more quality displays for consumers.

Sharp also challenged the belief that an 80? display was too big for consumers who sit about 10 ft away from their TV. They claimed that this was a common misconception and through a series of testimonials seemingly changed people?s minds about screen size and viewing distances. Truthfully, though, if you sit too closely to an 80? television you will see the pixels on the display and your eyes simply cannot disregard the individual pixels that make up the images. If a 4K display, though, that is probably much less likely… but Sharp is only announcing an 85? television featuring 8K resolution. Sharp did actually announce that they will have some 4K-ICC displays, though, soon but didn?t really commit to much.

Sharp also displayed a nice series of comparisons between their 80? TVs and current consumer electronics, including tablets, smartphones, and 32? TVs. According to Toshiba, their 80? display is as big as 266 smartphones, 47 tablets, and nine 32? TVs. At the conclusion of the press conference, Sharp had some models walk around with their extremely thin LED TVs and strutting around as if they were fashion accessories.