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CES 2012: LG Press Conference Featuring Smart Fridges!


The early 8AM presentation by LG Electronics had press cramped like sardines with standing room only in the large auditorium. With so many products in their stable, we heard brief introductions to their HD 3D televisions, smartphones, the Smart Grid, smart home appliances and connectivity.

LG was the early bird conference on Monday – CES Press Day

Wayne Park, celebrating his own two year anniversary as president and CEO of LG Electronics North America proudly illustrated LG?s eco-friendly stance. They recycled 10 million pounds of electronics. By 2020, they plan to cut emissions by one half. Introducing today?s topics, Park said ?Life is STILL good at LG? as he turned the stage over to others.

Scott Ahn who was introduced as the Master of Innovation told us they were bringing their own chip set to their television line and that they have improved 2D to 3D conversion and designed larger TV?s for a more immersive 3D experience. However, they didn?t leave out the smaller devices ? LG monitors and laptops also feature advanced 2D to 3D conversion. Going big, panels for 3DTV come in 55, 60, and 72 inch and in their 84 inch Cinema Design. Size does matter, be it big or small. The screen thickness has been reduced to 28mm while the weight of the 55 incher is just 7.5 kilograms and the Cinema Screen design reduces the bezel to 1mm. Input is from Magic Remote with pattern gesture and voice recognition. Ahn emphasized their strong relationship with Google TV.

Talk of smart appliances soon took center stage. Will men or women be most impressed with the intelligence of their refrigerator? Men for the technology, women for the convenience perhaps. However, bachelors will love a refrigerator that tells them when the lettuce has gone bad or makes a shopping list that they can access on their smartphone while in the grocery store.

Food Management is now being touted as a Smart Manager. Your appliances have been transformed giving you control over them via an LCD panel, voice recognition, or smartphone. Your refrigerator is becoming a health manager as well, providing meal planning and recipes based on your family?s individual profiles including weight and dietary requirements.

Blast Chiller got a rousing reception when the audience learned you can quickly chill a can of beer. A 30 ounce can of soda (so much for health planning) takes 40 minutes to chill in the freezer. In contrast, Blast Chiller will do it in five minutes using jet air flow and a swirling motion (the air, not the soda). A bottle of wine will be ready for guests in eight minutes. They also promised a 31 cubic foot French door model with not three, but four doors. The question ?What?s behind door number three? just got more complicated.

Connectivity is the word of the day. This year, all LG devices will interact, no matter which category: TV, smartphone or appliance. You will be able to control your appliances from your smartphone; mobile phones will stream to your TV.

Beyond consumer electronics, LG is also concerned with Smart Grid ? energy management is on their mind with green energy solar panels, LED lighting, air conditioning.

Ellis Mass, Director of Brand Communications says you will ?be able to manage your household as easily as you manage your Twitter account.? LG says they want to improve our day-to-day lives. Home Economics classes for high school girls will really be a thing of the past as LG refrigerators send information to your smart oven setting cooking temperature and time.

LG didn?t ignore the laundry room. Their Energy Star certified machine incorporates a turbo-washing, full load that gets more clothes cleaner, faster (reminiscent of ?new improved Tide?). And if there?s a problem, you can trouble shoot the washing machine from your personal computer.

Hate to vacuum? The HomeBot robotic vacuum has a remote control allowing you to take charge of it from your smartphone, or use its built in camera to spy on what?s going on at home while you are away.

Right: LG?s Marketing guru Tim O?Brien applauded the new LG Spectrum smartphone

Tim O?Brien from LG Marketing told us about movement in their smartphone line. He announced the LG Spectrum with dual core technology and a true HD IPS display. In conjunction with Verizon, it will launch in stores by the end of the month.

Highlighting other partnerships, LG?s joined hands with ESPN. Michael Bayle ESPN Mobile Senior VP was on hand to tell us that mobile video HD phones will come preloaded with ESPN?s Score Center application. He claims it is the #1 app for sports and listed in the top 20 apps regardless of media, in the same class as Angry Birds. They can deliver content in 720p HD quality on the Spectrum phone over the largest 4G LTE network. Check out Verizon stores on January 19. The new Spectrum phone can be yours for $199.99, but don?t forget that pesky two year contract.