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Overclockers Rejoice! Intel Introduces Overclocking Protection Plan


Intel has let us know today that they have announced a new program squarely aimed at the overclocking community. This program is designed to give overclockers a chance to purchase insurance on their processors in the event that their overclocks are too aggressive and they end up frying the chip.

This plan is known as the Intel Performance Tuning Protection Plan. We’re not sure that using the word protection plan was probably the best idea considering that its the exact same term that retailers like Best Buy and Fry’s use to sell customers warranty plans. With these processors, it seems, Intel no longer invalidates your warranty for overclocking like they used to. Intel’s historical policy towards overclocking was that if you overclock your chip you void your warranty, this included using non-stock coolers (even if you aren’t overclocking).

So, it seems that Intel’s attitudes towards overclocking on the consumer level have changed. With Intel’s Performance Tuning Protection Plan (PTPP). This plan is designed to cover any processor beyond 30 days of purchase of the plan in the event that the processor fries as a result of overclocking. The one thing to note, though, is that this processor protection plan is not a warranty extension plan and does not lengthen the actual warranty of the processor. PTPP is only valid while your processor is under warranty and is only available for a certain price for certain processors. See the table below for detailed models and pricing:

This plan can only be purchased within 1 year of purchasing the actual processor and will be effective up to 3 years from the purchase date for as long as the duration of the remaining standard boxed processor warranty period. Interestingly enough, the terms and conditions mention that any processor in the LGA Socket 2011 will be eligble under this plan, yet the Intel Core i7 3820 is not listed in the chart.

When getting your replacement, though, you must know that you can purchase as many plans as you’d like but will be limited to one plan and one replacement per processor. These protection plans are also transferable which means that your money won’t be wasted when you try to sell your processor to someone else that is like minded in overclocking.

While it is very hard for companies like Intel to be able to tell whether or not you’ve been overclocking your chip or not, we’re sure there have been plenty of cases where its was obvious. Hopefully this program allows consumers not to have to lie to Intel when they ask whether or not you’ve been overclocking. But at the same time, we also hope that Intel doesn’t start policing their standard warranty policy and start accusing consumers of overclocking and voiding more people’s warranties as a result of more stringent policies.

If you have any more questions about this program, we recommend you check out the FAQ and terms and conditions as they are pretty complicated.