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Peel: Find Your Favorite TV Show – Share with Friends


PeelFriends are the best source for recommendations on what to buy, who to marry, and which TV shows are worth watching. That?s where Peel comes in. A personalized television application, Peel gives you access to the recommendations of people you know and other members whose opinion you learn to appreciate.

A "Just for You" section has a list of TV genres or categories, such as sports, comedy, or family viewing. You can prioritize the programs you watch from the list. With a drag of your finger you are able to move items to a higher or lower priority.

For example, "Holiday" might not be high on your interest list after Christmas. You are also able to eliminate channels from the list of umpteen possibilities to make your viewing options much simpler to navigate.

Based on what you watch, Peel will propose similar programs based on an intelligent algorithm. For example, Peel may suggest Body of Proof if you watch Bones or Crime Scene Investigation.

If you find something that looks interesting, a click or touch provides you with times that program will air.

Bones TV show

Bones is just one program Peel could suggest if you watch forensic dramas

With Peel, you can see what your friends are currently watching on TV or have viewed in the past and take advantage of how they flag each program. You can see what they liked and recommended. In fact, you have access to what everyone on Peel has to say and can send them a thank you for their recommendation if you are so inclined. Peel 2.0 is now a social app as well as a TV guide. A dialog is possible even with strangers in the Peel community. Your contact is anonymous, unless you choose to communicate your identity to a correspondent.

Ryan Skach demonstrated Peel?s products at CES

Ryan Skach demonstrated Peel?s products at CES

Peel is available in iOS 4.0 or newer, comes preloaded on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus and can be downloaded for free from Android Market or get it from iTunes which gives it three and a half stars. Their optional Smart Remote, however comes with a small price if you want to control TV, cable or satellite box, Blu-ray player, AV receiver, Apple TV, and Roku.

Peel is just beyond being a startup company. In May 2011 they received $16.7 million Series B funding round led by Ravi Mhatre of Lightspeed Venture Partners. So they are looking to a bright future. When I get home from CES and have some spare time, I?m certainly going to give Peel a try. Why don?t you? After all, it?s free.