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Intel Reshuffles Management: Mooly Eden Goes Back to Israel


Following the record fourth quarter and full year 2011 results, Intel announced one of biggest corporate reshuffles we’ve seen from the company in the past four years. Biggest change is promoting Andy Bryant from a vice-chairman role to the new Chairman of the Board, with that move coming at the stockholders meeting in May 2012. Andy will also relieve his other duties for which the company made two promotions.

Brian Krzanich is being promoted to the role of Chief Operating Officer, reporting to Paul Otellini, current president and CEO. Brian will continue to oversee Worldwide Manufacturing division and take over the responsibility for internal IT and Human Resources.

Second promotion is an expected one, with Dadi Perlmutter being promoted to the role of Chief Product Officer. This promotion comes as recognition for his work at Intel Architecture Group (IAG). Further streamlining of the company includes moving Stacy Smith (Chief Financial Officer) from reporting to Bryant to Paul Otellini.

Bill Holt, Head of Technology Development will also now report directly to Paul Otellini. Together with Brian Krzanich, Bill Holt will co-manage the Technology and Manufacturing Group.

Probably one of unexpected changes is the promotion of Kirk Skaugen, Head of Data Center Business to becoming a new head of the PCCG (PC Client Group), role which was occupied by Mooly Eden since 2009. Following the latest controversy, the charismatic Israeli is moving back to the Asian subcontinent to become President and General Manager of Intel Israel.

Finally, two more changes come in the face of Diane Bryant (Chief Information Officer) taking over the Data Center Business from Kirk Skaugen, reporting to Dadi Perlmutter, while Kim Stevenson will succeed Diane Bryant as the new CIO and report directly to Brian Krzanich.

All in all, a sea of changes at Intel, with executives responsible for most profitable units are becoming a core of the company and honorary roles being awarded to some people who pulled a lot of controversial moves in the past.