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AIDA64 2.20 Update Brings OpenCL Stress Testing for GPGPU Cards

On behalf of FinalWire, Tamas Miklos informed us about a new release of AIDA64, which has been updated to version 2.20. Keeping its almost monthly cadence, the January 2012 update includes support for new CPUs, GPUs and some new features. The new version can be downloaded on their website.

Specifically AIDA64 2.20 now support Intel’s Atom processors based on the Cedarview core as well as the upcoming 22nm Ivy Bridge CPUs including the matching 7-series chipsets. On the GPU side of things, AMDs recently launched Radeon HD 7970 is now supported. NVIDIAs GeForce GT 640 is now properly recognized too.

In terms of features, AIDA64 2.20 adds support for ACPI 5.0 including extended table details and OpenCL 1.2. AIDA64 now also includes an OpenCL-based GPGPU stress test that supports a wide range of configurations. An overview of the newly added features can be found at Finalwire’s website.

We also contacted Tamas Miklos whether the GPGPU stress testing feature could be expanded to a benchmark test. According to him, this is definitely on the table. However, the workload currently used for stress-testing is a simple MADD sequence. He added that the users of AIDA64 prefer benchmarks that actually perform some meaningful calculation. A suitable benchmark test is currently under development.