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During CES, we spoke with Travis Bullard Global Foundries? Public Affairs man in Malta, New York. We talked about jobs at their new Fab 8 facility that just began production of wafers using the 32nm SOI process with IBM.

We learned that Global Foundries is planning to hire 400-500 more employees, about 350 of them will work at Fab 8. Fifty percent of these new hires more than likely will come from New York itself. Bullard explained that hiring regionally is less expensive, since the company does not incur relocation costs which in some cases, can run well over 150-250,000 US dollars. However, they will look outside the state and even outside the country for qualified applicants.

Outside recruits will create diversity, increase the population of the Saratoga region, and build the tax base for the area. New residents improve the economy by their purchases and payroll taxes. Travis said: "Even though there is a great college, College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering, graduates typically move away to find employment." GlobalFoundries will draw from those students through an intern program.

The company?s requirements are both simple and complex. Technicians with a two year associate degree in electrical engineering can land a job. Engineers with a bachelor?s degree and knowledge of semiconductor manufacturing technology have a good shot at finding a position.

Wages are regionally based, whether one works in Saratoga, Singapore, or Dresden, Global Foundries? three manufacturing locations. Travis says: "For GlobalFoundries, labor is a small piece of a very expensive pie." He quoted costs: a $4.5 billion facility, another $38 billion for tools, yes "B"illion. Wages and benefits come up to only $300 million. Comparatively, a small piece of the pie.

You could work at Global Foundries? Fab 8 at Malta, New York
You could work at Global Foundries? Fab 8 at Malta, New York

The company held a job fair in the Saratoga Springs area this month. If you want to be considered for a job in their Malta Fab 8, get over to their website and apply. Several job categories are listed:

  • Failure Analysis Technician
  • EHS & Security Technicians
  • Fab Systems Setup Technician
  • Facilities Dept
  • Factory Automation Technician
  • Factory Information Control Technician
  • Integration Engineering Technician
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Process Integration Technician
  • Process Technician
  • Wafer Fab Operator
  • Warehousing Log & Mat
  • Process Integration & Yield Enhancement

Under Facilities Department you?ll find the following positions:

  • HVAC Technician
  • UPWWWT (Ultra Pure Water and Waste Water Treatment) Technician
  • Chemical Technician
  • Gas Facilities Technician
  • Electrical Technician
  • Instrument & Controls Technician
  • Senior Building Services Facility Tech

For example, the HVAC tech will install, operate and maintain the facility?s heating and air conditioning systems and resolve equipment issues. It is a shift position working a compressed week of 12-hour shifts, 50 percent of the hires will be for night shift. You will maintain acid scrubbers, VOC abatement units, and process cooling water systems. You?ll need a two year associates degree, or a tech school certification, and two years relevant facilities experience. You must be able to use Microsoft Office and SAP.

The Logistics Handler will be involved in shipping, receiving, inspection, warehousing, stores, equipment, supplies and mail while handling high value equipment and hazardous materials in an industrial environment. You must have worked where the job required a high level of attention to detail and timeliness and be able to prioritize and handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

The Wafer Fab Operator only needs a high school diploma, but also five years professional or military work experience. You must sustain and run the factory floor with the primary responsibility of manufacturing process support and production execution. You will operate metrology/ inspection equipment and interpret results and must be able to use MS Office, SAP, MES (manufacturing execution system) and ASPECT to create reports and document procedures. Physical abilities include being able to work in a standing position for most of the time in a 12 hour shift. Training may include 3-6 months in Singapore.

Familiarity with Lean processes and activities and Kaizen (Japanese for "incremental improvement") are a plus in all positions.

A video about opportunities at Fab 8 can be found at this link: GlobalFoundries Campus in Malta, NY

Update January 27, 2012 at 09:46AM GMT/UTC – Although historically, graduates from local schools have sought employment outside the region, our reporting of a quote from Travis Bullard could be interpreted to imply that that was specific to the graduates from the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CSNE) which is not the case. We have learned that 75 percent of those receiving post graduate degrees from CNSE in December 2011 are planning to remain in New York state. Some of those graduates will be working at Global Foundries, while others have been picked up for engineering and research positions by other technology giants in the area, including IBM, Intel, Tokyo Electron Ltd., SEMATECH, and Novellus Systems. A few have taken post-doctoral positions in academia while several are remaining at CNSE to pursue a doc
torate degree.