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Electronic Signatures as Easy as 1-2-3


Haven?t heard of DocuSign? Read on and learn how fast you can affix your eSignature to official documents and complete an important time-sensitive transaction quickly. More than 30,000 new users are signing up every day. Over 13 million users have signed more than 110 million documents in more than 50 countries using this safe and convenient electronic signature rendering product.

DocuSign Ink Apple iOS AppI made a quick stop at the DocuSign booth as I was leaving the CES Pep Com gathering. Gregor Perotto, Director of Corporate Marketing, gave me a fast demo of their interesting product. I immediately saw the advantage of signing and returning documents electronically without the time wasting to-and-from transmission of documents through the mail or even the delay of fast overnight shipping.

Both businesses and now consumers can sign documents anywhere on any device. The DocuSign Ink application is available free for iOS 3.0 and above, Android 2.2 and above, and as a Microsoft Outlook plug in. Transactions involving contracts, release forms, approvals, escrow documents, can all be accelerated meeting the needs of today?s fast paced society. TD Ameritrade is just one of the companies benefiting from the ease of DocuSign Ink.

When you use DocuSign Ink you acknowledge that your electronic signature is just as legally binding as a paper and pen signature. Your DocuSign Ink signature is securely validated on the DocuSign Global Network and sent swiftly to anyone with an email address. You can track your documents online with secure cloud-based storage. DocuSign supports all major file types including PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, text and image files. It will automatically convert PDF form fields for easy completion and signing.

DocuSign is also bidirectional. You can originate and send documents to others for their signature. You are able to tag the document indicating where a signature or initialing is required or where form fields need to be filled.

Version 1.3.1 improved the signature with pressure sensitive ink. It also allows you to use a camera to take a picture of your signature and use the DocuSign Image Cleanup feature to ensure crispness. They added an international date format as well.

DocuSign has passed third party audits and earned security certifications from BSI, PCI, SAS70, TRUSTe and SAFEHARBOR. Easy, secure, and free DocuSign Ink could be the answer you?ve been looking for.