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Micron?s Mark Durcan Retires ? Some Implicational Logic

Mark Durcan, Micron Technology?s [NASDAQ:MU] Chief Operating Officer, will retire at the end of August.

Durcan joined Micron in 1984 and was promoted to his present position in 2006. Durcan will be replaced by Micron?s head of sales, Mark Adams, previously Chief Operating Officer of Lexar Media Inc. before being acquired by Micron in 2006.

Micron has suffered through the current DRAM depression losing money for the last two consecutive quarters. PC manufacturers have cut back DRAM purchases as a result of floods in Thailand limiting the availability of hard disk drives to build units.

Durcan, 50, is retiring and is not leaving for another position according to a company spokesperson.

BSN* Take
It could be that Mark Durcan is just plain tired and needs to take a long break just to remember what to be human is like ? as most agree that the DRAM manufacturing business is abhorrent behavior at its worst.

The darker implication is that there are major changes afoot that he is not in agreement with – and has decided to break off the action, as his future at Micron is not in line with his professional development plan.

It may be the result of Micron failing to pick the right technology horse to ride under his tenure and now having to play catch-up through joint venture. The Numonyx acquisition was folded into the embedded platform group – plainly not the next step in commodity products for the company as compared with the prospects of resistive memory. Of course nothing has been mentioned about the companies relationship with Intel as regards IM Flash Technologies, LLC founded in 2006 between the two companies.

BSN* finds it strange that rumors of consolidation and the sudden announcement of one of the major player?s COO retiring. It just keeps getting more and more curious…