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Out with QWERTY, In with Snapkeys


Snapkeys is an astounding new way to type using their 2i invisible interface technology for tablets and smartphones. Four touch keys on the tablet display and you have the entire alphabet at your fingertips. With intelligent word prediction software, half the work of texting is done for you.

Letters are grouped according to their shapes categorized as one point, two points, wide base, and closed circle. One point includes the letters V, F, I, T, J, Y… See how they only touch the bottom at one point? Letters categorized as two point are A, N, W, M, H, K and X. Wide base letters are less obvious after L, E, and Z. Also included in the group are G, C, U, and S. You can guess which letters complete the group called closed circle ? starting with the obvious O, followed by Q, D, R, B, and P.

The system works like T9 (text on 9 keys) invented by Cliff Kushler that was used for texting on LG, Samsung, Nokia, Sanyo and other mobile phones. In the Snapkeys application, the symbols for period, comma, ampersand, at, and hyphen are scattered following the same definition as the one point, two point, wide base, and circle keys.

The four color-coded keys representing their respective letters access a dictionary of potential words. The most common words are presented first for the user to accept or reject as the intended word in their message. Although Snapkeys promises 99 percent accuracy, remember to keep careful watch or that 1 percent error could end up in a list like Twitter goof ups.

Ryan Ghassabian from Spankeys

Ryan Ghassabian, representative in the Snapkeys booth at CES 2012, said you can watch Mobile TV and type over the top by tapping the four, combo-letter buttons whether you have them visible on screen or hidden. Ghassabian demonstrated how he could type 80 wpm with his thumbs and the four "snap keys" at the lower edge of his tablet.

To get people trying the new technique, Snapkeys is running a contest hoping to find 1,000`s of people vying  to break the Guinness World Record for fastest typing speed. You can download the App from the Android Market Place or Apple App Store – ‘World Record’.

Snapkeys is a privately held company with a sales office in New York while R&D is done in Jerusalem, Israel. Marketing is in cooperation with Philips. Device manufacturers can license the 2i technology.