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Lassie Come Home – GPS Locates Lost Pets

Pet owner’s greatest fear is losing their beloved dog or cat. Pet Tracker is selling peace of mind The Tagg attaches to your pet’s collar. You can then track him from your mobile device or computer.

Lassie and Elizabeth Taylor, 1943.You don’t have to be a movie star to find your lost dog. You can set a Tagg Zone, an area that your dog is allowed to roam around in. If he goes beyond the demarcation, you will receive a text message and email. Within an average of 10 minutes, you’ll know when your dog has jumped the fence to follow that cute poodle up the street or chase cows in the pasture. You can follow and bring your dog or cat home easily with Pet Tracker.

The Tagg was designed to be worn comfortably, be tough enough to withstand normal canine activities, including water sports. It is only one ounce with GPS capabilities that pinpoint where the dog is if he gets out and begins to wander. If you want to verify that your dog was taken out for his daily walk while you were on vacation, a history of his travels is also available.

The cost of a master kit which includes the collar attachment, a docking station that charges up the device for a 30 day period, a collar clip, a user guide, and one month free service is $99.95. Thereafter, peace of mind will cost $7.95 a month. If you have a second pet, perhaps a cat you want to find when he doesn’t come home in the morning after a night of prowling the neighborhood, the monthly fee is only an additional 95 cents. The Add-a-Pet package with the sensor is reduced to $89.95 for other pets on the Furry Family Plan. 

Tagg The Pet Tracker finds lost pets and wins awards
Tagg finds lost pets and wins awards

Fashion conscious kitty? The Tagg comes in blue, pink, grey and white. The Tagg can be clipped onto an animal’s existing collar or you can purchase a quality collar in a variety of colors for dogs and cats from the company.

Dynamo Dog is protected by Dog Tagg as well...The CES booth contained a stuffed animal representing all the pets in the world. This mascot had no name, so for purposes of discussion we called him Dynamo. Stuffed, he didn’t meet the recommended weight requirement of 10 pounds – no dainty kittens, please. However he caught the eye of passersby being a bit out of the ordinary in a technology exhibition. Dynamo and his booth mates were proud of being a Design & Innovation Award Honoree in the Personal Electronics product category at CES.

Since its debut on "Live! With Regis & Kelly" in August, feedback from early customers have resulted in improvements already. It is available in retail settings or on line now.  The company has partnered with Audiovox Electronic Corp to distribute the Pet Tracker. Snaptracs Inc., a Qualcomm company, developed Tagg-The Pet Tracker. The product works with the iPhone and Android. Tracking your pet requires a PC, Mac or Smartphone with one of the following browsers: Windows IE 7 or 8, Mozilla Firefox 3.x or Macintosh Firefox 3.x, or Safari 5.

The GPS provides driving directions to where you can retrieve your pet. Pet Tracker will also notify you of pet shops, vets and dog parks in your vicinity. It works in all 50 of the United States.

No word yet on plans to expand coverage outside the US.