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Read Facebook IPO Filing and Discover Facebook Inside


After years of assumptions and rumors when Facebook is going to file for an IPO, the company chose February 1, 2012 or 12-1-2 / 12-2-1 (for those into numbers) to make their plan public: they want to raise $5 billion on a $100B evaluation.

The company is offering Class A Common Stock at currently estimated $0.000006 value planning to raise five billion U.S. Dollars. The final listing price of the stock is not known at the time being, but with the official SEC filling we managed to get full understanding of just how Facebook is organized, how the company makes money and how the company was incorporated and in what details.

Just as any 99.9% of all Silicon Valley companies, Facebook Incorporated was incorporated in the state of Delaware with headquarters in California. We invite you to dedicate some of your time to go through this filling, since it gives a lot of interesting tips how to organize your own business.

The filing is located here:

SEC Form 1 Registration Statement: Facebook, Inc.