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EVGA Has Big Plans for 2012: Looking to Hire Many

A lot of the time we find ourselves by chance combing upon a story. In this case, we noticed that EVGA had posted some job openings up on their site. And in general, when it comes to companies posting Job listings they usually post a few positions at a time. Checking out EVGA’s job offering page, though, you’ll notice that EVGA has posted seven different job positions ranging across all different parts of the company’s operations. Generally, from the description of these postings, you can tell that most of them are tailored for hiring more than just one person for each position, so there’s a good chance that EVGA’s labor force could get a lot bigger. This would assist with improving things like tech support, RMA turnaround and general product availability

Considering that today’s economic news about the unemployment rate dropping to 8.3 percent further made the markets rally, we can only applaud companies like EVGA for continuing to fuel the economy by creating more jobs. It is clear that EVGA is looking to hire a lot of people for a company relatively as small as EVGA. Their ambitious expectations can only indicate to us a few things, EVGA is expecting 2012 to be an extremely busy year and that there’s a good chance that a lot of their business could pick up as a result of huge Kepler volume/orders.

If you’re looking for a job, EVGA is definitely hiring and there’s a good chance that one of the positions they’ve got open could fit your bill if you’re an experienced computer enthusiast and out of a job. All seven of these job postings went up on the same day a week ago, January 27th, so they’re relatively fresh and there’s still a very good chance you could land a job with NVIDIA’s leading graphics partner. Considering the rumors going around about Kepler in relation to AMD’s current 7000 series offerings, there’s a good chance that EVGA could stand to gain quite a bit.

Here are the currently available positions that EVGA has opened that you can check out before heading over to EVGA’s site to apply:

We’re always happy to post new job openings in the technology sector considering how many people are still out of jobs in this tough economy.