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Your Old Electronics may be Worth $$$

Gazelle whose motto is "Keep it Moving" encouraged passersby at CES to bring them their old equipment. They will purchase and repair, repurpose or recycle your cell phones, PDA?s Blu-ray players, GPS devices, and more. Yes, you can trade in those consumer electronics for cash.

The process is simple, find your gadget on their website, answer some questions about it, and see how much they think its worth. With approval, you can ship it to them, and get a check, Amazon gift card or PayPal deposit.

They claim to have paid out more than $40 million to over 250,000 Customers. If you average that out, it?s $160 per customer. But I’d bet the figures are skewed by some big items that most of us don’t have. A better example is an iPad 32GB WiFi that is "broken" defined as does not power on, or has a broken or cracked LCD screen, or parts such as the 3G antenna cover, charging port, or housing is broken, cracked, or missing.

If you just wanted to upgrade to an iPad 2 from an iPad that still works great but has a few scratches or signs of wear, they?ll consider paying you $200. If it’s a laptop you want to unload, there are more detailed questions to answer, so be prepared to tell them what kind of processor it has, what size hard drive, how much RAM, as well as if it has an optical drive and what kind. All answers can be picked from drop down lists. Gazelle promises to remove all your personal data after the transaction completes.

If you have switched to simple point and shoot digital cameras and have SLR camera lenses laying around, a 55-200mm F/4-5.6G ED AF-S DX Nikkor Lens and lens cap in "good condition" with only slight wear, you could become $26 richer by trading it in. If you have a case, filters, and original box, add $5 more. A Sony PlayStation 3 with 80GB HDD PS3 with original cables and original controllers garners $22. We would not mind that purchasing price.

Gazelle cooperates in Trade In Programs for Costco, Sears and Walmart among other retail outlets.

In this era of wanting latest-and-greatest resulting in numerous throw aways, considering the problems electronic products cause in our landfills, Gazelle offers a viable option.