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Let the Sun Fire up Your Kindle


There you are, reading on your Kindle by the river, nearing the climax of an exciting mystery story when your battery begins to grow dim. With the SolarKindle e-reader cover, no problem. The built in solar panel provides a dual-charging (USB/solar) reserve battery to get you all the way to the end of the book.

Typically charged by the Sun, staff improvised to demonstrate the SolarKindle e-reader cover at CES
Typically charged by the Sun, staff improvised to demonstrate the SolarKindle e-reader cover at CES

The SolarKindle continuously charges in sunlight, shade, or even with electric light that Allan Shoji used in his demonstration at CES. After fully charging the Kindle, the solar panel will switch to charging the reserve battery. The lithium 1,500 mAh reserve battery extends reading time and powers an 800 lux LED reading lamp for those under-the-covers, just-one-more-chapter-Mom nights.

The principle how SolarFocus works: it accepts much greater spectrum than conventional crystalline solar modulesThe form fitting interior case holds your Kindle securely, and protects it while weighing less than eight ounces and delivering nearly three days of reading time for one hour of direct sunlight. Alternately, you can plug the supplied USB cable into the cover?s micro-USB port and into Kindle?s AC adaptor. SolarFocus uses triple junction amorphous silicon photovoltaic technology to capture the broad solar spectrum which works in low light such as cloudy days and the dull skies near sunset.

CES gave SolarFocus special recognition. Dick Lu, Executive Vice President was appreciative of the Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Award from CES. "From starting the company in a brand new and undeveloped market, to establishing the SolarFocus brand of outdoor solar powered products, we are very happy to see our SolarKindle Lighted Cover receive such honorable recognition. We will continuously improve the price performance ratio of our solar powered solutions on even more consumer electronic products to help reduce carbon emissions."

Competing products were judged on:

  • Engineering qualities, based on technical specs and materials used
  • Aesthetic and design qualities
  • The product?s intended use/function and user value

In addition to CES honors, SolarFocus holds several solar technology patents with their products routinely used in such extreme environments as the Himalayas and the North Pole.

How SolarKindle works in action

You can take advantage of their expertise by becoming an owner of the SolarKindle sunlight powered cover that started shipping this month for $79.99. That?s the same price as the introductory version Kindle at Amazon. Be aware, the SolarKindle cover is an accessory. You?ll need to buy a version of the actual e-reader separately.