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According to NextWorth… Sell Your iPad 2 Today!


There is no doubt about it – Apple is getting ready to launch the iPad 3. The invitations have been sent for an event taking place on March 7, 2012 which is in only two weeks. Riding on that wave, we got contacted by a representative of NextWorth, online reseller of used electronics.

Average eBay Selling Price for Apple iPad. Credit: NextWorth, eBay

NextWorth delivered an interesting graph we’re showing here, which shows the difference in price what owners of original iPad tablets could receive before, during the announcement of iPad 2 and the arrival into retail. Jeff Trachsel, Chief Marketing Officer at NextWorth gave us the following statement:

"We?ve seen a 400 percent increase in traffic, and in the volume of orders from iPads, in the past couple of weeks. Unlike a phone, people can live without a tablet for a few days, so people are more likely turn them in earlier for higher prices."

Regardless of NextWorth statistics, the fact of the matter is simple – if you own an iPad or iPad 2 now and want to buy an iPad 3, sell your old iPad before the March 7th.