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Anonymous Replies to Croatian President: Enough with Political Semantics

Few weeks ago, Croatian president openly supported ACTA regulation, causing significant response by Anonymous. The President recently changed its rhetoric, but Anonymous insists he still doesn’t get the message.

Anonymous - Guy Fawkes Mask / SwordsAnonymous came back and released the following statement (translated from Croatian):

"We noticed that President Ivo Josipovic invited Anonymous for discussions on ACTA. We believe this is a cheap attempt of political manipulation with the name Anonymous to gain points with its citizens and improve the President’s image in general public."

Furthermore, the statement contained the following message:

"Anonymous opinion of SOPA/PIPA/ACTA and all similar agreements and laws which will launch in the future under different names and reasons is quite clear, conclusive and unchangeable and we cannot "negotiate" about it with anybody."

The release concluded with:

"Negotiation on essential human liberties and rights in order to protect the corporations and their interest, with unsatisfiable hunger for profit is betrayal of human kind and everything that idea of Anonymous should and is presenting."

We would conclude this story with an interesting comment – besides, we haven’t seen any other local mainstream media publishing the news about this release.

According to Matija Babic, Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of, this is probably because his publication is the only truly independent mainstream media in Croatia. Other media is either owned owned or co-owned by multinational corporations such as Styria AG from Austria, Deutsche Telekom AG and WAZ from Germany, Israeli media group, Czech-American and Austrian-Swiss investment groups.