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MasterImage3D and Qualcomm Partner Up for 3D Snapdragon S4 Dev Tablet

Masterimage in partnership with Qualcomm, today, have announced that they will be showing off Qualcomm’s newest 3D mobile development tablet featuring the Snapdragon S4 processor. The difference between this MDP (Mobile Development Platform) tablet featuring the S4 SoC and the previous one that had just recently come out is MasterImage’s 3D parallax barrier 3D display. We had a chance to demo this display at CES this year and we can definitely say, that when the screen is properly calibrated, the glasses-free 3D that their displays deliver is unparalleled.

MasterImage’s 10.1" glasses-free 3D display (not the Snapdragon S4 tablet)

Roy Taylor of MasterImage 3D said, "Hollywood, Bollywood and the film industry around the world continue to enjoy enormous success for 3D at the cinema. Dramatic growth in streaming video services like Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and the recently announced new plans from Verizon/Redbox and in Europe BskyB mean that consumers now expect personalized direct entertainment. There is an immediate need then for glasses-free 3D personal devices to meet this demand. We could not be prouder to be working with Qualcomm to help bring this entertainment revolution to market.? As Roy said, we definitely expect that 3D content will continue to grow, and there will be more and more demand to be able to natively develop on a platform in native 3D. This new tablet from Qualcomm will enable developers to easily and effectively test their applications and content on a 3D tablet before going to market.

This is why we’re not surprised to see that Qualcomm has decided to pick up MasterImage’s 3D display technology for their 3D version of their 3D Snapdragon S4 MDP tablet. This 3D tablet, and the screen that it uses will feature a 10.1" display which will display at 1920×1200 (a rare display resolution nowadays due to the proliferation of the 16:9 aspect ratio). This 10.1" display will feature MasterImage’s unique 3D Cell-Matrix Parallax Barrier technology and will, of course, run Android 4.0. The demonstration at Mobile World Congress will feature this tablet’s ability to quickly and easily switch between real-time 2D and stereoscopic 3D.

If you’re interested in how MasterImage’s 3D displays differ from the others out there, we’ve got a nice little illustration compliments of Matt Liszt below. We highly recommend checking it out and seeing the difference between the their 3D technology and the competition.