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France Shakes Finger at Google

France is taking Google to task right before its new privacy plan goes into effect. A French national watchdog organization told Google’s CEO "no go" on their new policy.

CNIL - Commission NAtionale de l'Informatique et des LibertesThe National Commission for Computing and Civil Liberties (CNIL) send Larry Page a note expressing concerns. CNIL says:

"Our preliminary investigation shows that it is extremely difficult to know exactly which data is combined between which services for which purposes, even for trained privacy professionals."

In layman?s terms: "What the F??" (shares the acronym with Welcome To Facebook).

This opinion will have play within the entire EU community since the CNIL was acting under a request from a European Commission advisory panel. The Commission is attempting to streamline varying EU privacy rules.
This warning to Google as it prepares to implement changes to its privacy policies as of March 1 just adds to the browser company?s woes which includes an antitrust suit underway in Brussels. Both could cost Google significant fines. Privacy infringements in France reduce its bottom line by as much as $400,000.

Big Brother Watch of Britain has concerns as well, stating that Google is putting its advertisers? interests before its users? need for  privacy. It isn?t the first time a big technology, internet, social network company has ignored what made them great in the first place ? their users.

French Google i.e.

Google has responded blaming its competitors for the uproar. They say that Google users still have choice and control and the changes don?t affect Google users? current privacy settings. They claim to neither be collecting new or additional information from the users, nor are they selling users? data.

Facebook, Apple, Google, admit it, we are at their mercy, due both to their ruthless alleged disregard for their users and our own failure to pay attention or give a damn until it?s too late.