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Download Microsoft Windows 8 Today!


During the Mobile World Conference 2012 exhibition, Microsoft held a press event during which the company released Windows 8 Consumer Preview to the worldwide audience.

While the presentation had company representatives heavily focusing on tablet side of Windows 8, (even though we won’t be seeing final products for at least 12-16 months). However, what is available today is a free preview of what will be available in two quarters: the PC version of the Windows 8 (desktop, notebook).

If you want to give yourself a free taste of what Microsoft is coming up with at the end of the year, head over to Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview Download page and select between following versions:

32-bit Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO Download (2.5GB)

64-bit Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO Download (3.3GB)

Also available are versions in Chinese (Simplified), French, German, and Japanese.

Bear in mind that you need to have a browser capable of handling large files (larger than 2GB), i.e. forget about Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer below the version 9. We downloaded ours using Chrome and Firefox, no problems reported.

Are you surprised? Are they good? Bad? Do you think Microsoft went overboard with "tabletization"?  Voice your opinions in the section below.