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Qualcomm Scores Big: Eric Demers, Former AMD CTO Joins the Company


Recently, there were quite a lot of theories why Eric Demers, one of company veterans decided to suddenly quit AMD where he served as a Chief Technology Officer for Graphics division. From our experience, Eric was a soft-spoken executive who said things as they were, not worrying about being politically correct.

Eric Demers, Los Gatos, CAWhile we will not go into the reasons for Eric?s sudden departure, all we can say is that the finger is definitely pointed at the AMD?s CFO, Mr. Thomas Seifert – who was criticized by a lot of former engineers and executives, allegedly causing the departures of brilliant people such as Rick Bergman (CEO, Synaptics), Raja Koduri (CTO, Apple), Carrell Killebrew (credited with Eyefinity, current company unknown), Simon Solotko (credited for AMD?s social media strategy, holodeck developments) and many more.

Be that as it may, we have just got an official confirmation that Eric has joined Qualcomm. Eric Demers will serve as Vice President of Engineering, most likely in the Adreno GPU. In a way, Eric is making the full circle since it was AMD?s ill-fated decision to sell the mobile GPU business to Qualcomm. You might have noticed that Adreno is an anagram of Radeon.

We asked Qualcomm who will Eric report to, but we believe that direct contact will be Steve Mollenkopf, who is serving as President and Chief Operating Officer. We?ll update the story once we receive a confirmation.

In any case, we wish Eric all the best in his future endavours and we hope that he is the secret ingredient to get the emotions out of Qualcomm?s solid graphics unit, turning it into a fully fledged competitor against the Radeon and GeForce parts.