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Animation is all the rage from TV?s Homer Simpson to Rango at the movie theater. If you?d like to get in on the action, take a look at Toon Boom. Toon Boom comes in two flavors ? for professionals and home users. The Professional category has a variety of applications from standalone productivity software and 3D to network solutions. The Home User offerings are aimed at hobbyists, students and educators.

Both kids and adults can enjoy using the storyboard, cartoon, and comic strip software. Toon Boom Studio for home use is a 2D animation software that lets you draw, scan, capture or import artwork and video. You can even add lip-sync mouth movement to voice tracks. When you are finished with the project it will be ready to publish in print, on the web, for TV or on an iDevice.

Since 2005, Toon Boom has been racking up awards for both their professional and home-use animation applications. For example, they received the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences? Primetime Emmy Engineering Award and the Children?s Technology Review selected Flip Boom as Editor?s Choice for excellence in design.

Toon Boom Software - Flip Boom Doodle

Flip Boom Doodle provides the tools to turn stationery images into animated ones.

Toon Boom is used world wide, from Warner Bros to Toonz Animation India and Rough Draft Korea. Their technology was involved in the creation of Les Triplettes de Belleville, SpongeBob The Movie, Chico & Rita and The Princess and the Frog among others. The staff also consults professionally in the fields of optimization, pipeline integration, production assistance and custom development. All this expertise is available to amateurs in the Home Use applications.

Garfield's Comic Boom

Do you love time-lapse nature photography? Toon Boom puts time-lapse imagery in your tool box so you can generate unique visuals. Are you more interested in comic strips? Garfield?s Comic Boom has drawing tools and an art and background image library to help you create your own comic strip. Or import and use your own photos. Adding your voice or your own sound effects is easy with Comic Boom. When finished, you can share your creations on Facebook, You Tube, or just email them. You can also put them on your iPod or print them out and make a booklet. Easy and inexpensive fun.

Flip Boom DoodleMark Simon and Toon Boom partner to help entrepreneurs create an animated story and sell it – Garfield?s Comic Boom for $29, Toon Boom Studio for $249, and all the other apps are available at the Toon Boom Home User website. Toon Boom Harmony is the professionals package for handling all steps from pre-production to design, compositing and multi-platform rendering. Several options for using Toon Boom are available for studios of any size: leasing, working on a per-project basis, or purchasing the product outright. Additionally, Toon Boom offers the Harmony Creative Entrepreneur Program to help creative entrepreneurs pitch their animated ideas successfully for film, TV and the web.

What?s holding you back? Let your creative juices flow.