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Futuremarks Benchmarks Approve Lucid With a But


Futuremark specializes in benchmarking software. Futuremark’s 3DMark benchmark works by measuring the process of rendering frames of 3D graphics. LucidLogix (Lucid) is a developer of GPU virtualization software. Together, they are working to make benchmarking of games even better.

Lucid Virtu MVP TechnologyLucid?s Virtu software has improved quality and performance in multi-GPU systems via Virtu MVP with added features Virtual Vsync and HyperFormance technologies. Those two tehnologies went outside of the envelope what was allowed and what wasn’t to satisfy strict guidelines for technologies to be included in the ORB – Online Results Base, world’s largest database of benchmarked systems, featuring tens of millions of tested computers.

The two companies have agreed on adding HyperFormance and Virtual Vsync setting status information to Futuremark’s benchmarks. Following a software update from Futuremark that should be out in early second quarter 2012, all 3DMark scores submitted to will indicate if the system includes Virtu MVP and its responsiveness features settings.

Jukka Mäkinen, CEO of Futuremark explains:

"As Virtu MVP has clear gaming benefits by improving responsiveness, reducing latency and eliminating visual tearing, we are glad to be working with Lucid to help our users understand the performance benefits of Virtu MVP technologies as measured by 3DMark and our other PC performance benchmarks."

Early in the second quarter, we can expect to see documentation for testing professionals and other interested parties explaining how to interpret scores from systems with Virtu MVP enabled.

Lucid Virtu MVP will be available from leading Intel Ivy Bridge motherboard vendors to help their customers achieve optimized responsiveness, higher frame rates, reduced artifacts, and contained power consumption. The goal of technology is to have users connecting their displays to Intel Ivy Bridge graphics subsystem and then use discrete graphics at the request of the applications.

Even though the Virtu MVP powered systems won’t be directly comparable to the system running discrete graphics exclusively, this agreement is a big step forward for credibility for the latest techology from LucidLogix.