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EVGA Will Soon Globalize Warranty


The "#1 NVIDIA authorized partner in North America" will soon change their warranty system again – but this time, EVGA will be unifying their policies and services to ease previous pressures for their customers, most importantly their mandatory product registration and shipping procedures.

EVGA Global Warranty

More details of EVGA?s "New and Improved Global Warranty" will soon be publicly announced on their website, but in the meantime, they published a basic overview of the biggest changes to their system:

  • Warranties are now transferable – they follow the product, and not the owner.
  • All products purchased on or after July 1st, 2011 have a minimum of a 3-Year warranty, regardless of registration. (except Recertified 90-day, and 1-Year Warranty products)
  • Incentives and bonuses are given out to those who do register within 30 days of purchase – such as eligibility towards EVGA?s Step-Up Program and Extended Warranty options. 
  • Registration is no longer required for RMAs.
  • If a customer moves to another region, and their product fails, they can now send it to a local warranty center regardless of product origin. 

They will also offer a Standard Cross-Shipping RMA service – for free. EVGA will cross-ship a replacement product to the customer, as long as they can provide a credit card hold for collateral, and the customer will pay for the return shipping of their malfunctioning part.  This is different from their Advanced RMA Program, which takes care of shipping both ways. 

EVGA will announce full details of this warranty overhaul in early April 2012. With such a large change of policy during the multitude of rumours about NVIDIA?s upcoming GTX600 series GPUs, will this new global policy be able to support EVGA?s already popular Limited-Lifetime Warranty? Or are more changes in store for the big glowing E in the near future? 

BSN* Take
We view this change as a very positive move towards the consumer. Ever since EVGA reorganized its business operations in EMEA region, we’ve seen a change in attitude towards the consumers. With the global warranty now taking place, consumers around the globe are encompassed with an universal warranty, which brings the company above the majority of Far Eastern brands.